R.L.’s Boogie: Official music video for R.L. Boyce

Artwork by James Jean

Artwork by James Jean

I was commissioned by Waxploitation Records to create an animating music video for master of Mississippi Hill Country Blues: R.L Boyce using a piece of artwork by Taiwanese American visual artist James Jean.

Using a collage of found images and sketches by James, I was able to construct a video around the idea of the artwork being drawn on the screen.

About R.L Boyce:

R.L.’s been a musician since his days as a child growing up in Como, Mississippi. He started out as a drummer, playing for the Rising Star Fife and Drum band with blues legend Otha Turner, all the while waiting to come out in front to sing and play guitar. His songs are often delivered in an improvisational fashion, with references to his collaborators, his environs and whatever else happens to be on mind at that particular moment.